Alternative Education National Body New Zealand


BOP Eastcoast

Representative:       Pauline Attena Craven

My role: Whakatane AE – Apiti Hou (New Horizon) Alternative Education Coordinator/Pedagogical Leader/ Lead Teacher and van driver/breakfast cooker and whatever I need to be … because I love our AE world

ALL Contact Information: 027 4985551 or or facebook

Apiti Hou Whakatane (AE) is totally about 2nd chances – we help our students and whanau to create goals to ensure our students to get back to mainstream, courses or have a direction they didn’t before. 

We are holistic and understand we need to be real, authentic and have empathy … we work alongside our child(student), whanau, school and others – to make it real ….. I have been involve with AE since my Rotorua /Intermediate and Girls High day 2010 – 2013 till 2014 -2017 Whakatane Apiti Hou (New Horizon).

We have high attendance rate of 80% per year, transition to schools/course at 80% and NCEA achievements in Level 1 (2016) 10 students achieved NCEA LVL1.

Certificate of Excellence – Pauline Craven

Was awarded ASG NEiTA Inspirational Educator Regional Award as endorsed by members of the school community at Whakatane High School – Te Apiti Hou (AE) Whakatane at Wellington Parliament High Tea Awards September 2016.

(Carol Sievers, Pauline Craven (both Whakatane AE) , Heketia Parata (MP National Government Education Minister), Thomas High and friend/ Wellington High nomine)